Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Been to Long

for the past two and a half weeks my living room has turned into a seamstress shop. I have been working on this quilt for ATLEAST 8 hours a day. There is glitter all over the living room, and Tank is really starting to dislike not being able to lay on the couch with me while I am doing this. Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn. It has been a very grueling and tedious process, which I feel in the long run is going to make me appreciate this piece all the more.

As of tonight, this is what I have finished so far. I only have about a foot or so left to do on the top of the quilt, and I will be finished with the sewing portion. Each row takes about four hours, if that tells you anything about how long and crazy this process has been. This is also the bed that I will be bringing to the space to display the piece on. I cannot wait to see it finished and in the space, It's going to be awesome!

Here is a detail of the patch work. Each patch is cut from white transparent materials, so that you can not only see the pills but hopefully it gives sort of a ghostly feel. I also chose shiny and glittery fabrics to keep with my theme of beautiful finishes.

Slaving away.
(The butterflies have nothing to do with it, it was just the only white quilt I could find around here that was reasonably priced and I could work with.)

Here is a small glimpse of what the piece will look like when finished. Each patch will contain different colored pills. I have sewn the patches with a small open portion, so that I can easily add the pills when I get the quilt in the space. This will keep the quilt from being so heavy and keep anything from happening to the pills or the quilt.
This isn't the greatest pic though.

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