Thursday, December 15, 2011

The End is Here


Three Strikes

Worth its Wait

Confetti Death (Detail)

Confetti Death

Passed Away Peacefully in His Sleep (Detail)

Passed Away Peacefully in His Sleep

So, here it is, the end of the semester and I have to say that I have never been prouder of the work that I have made. I really put a lot of time and thought into the works that I made this semester and it really payed off. At the beginning of the semester I was a bit unsure of the art that I was going to make, but I worked through my clouded thoughts and found the true ideas that I am interested in. I feel more connected to my work than I have in the past, which is a good feeling. This semester I was excited to come to class and work and was excited to see the end products come together at the seminar show. These are the moments that we have all been working so hard to get to, and so far it definitely has payed off.

Not only am I proud of the art work , but I am also very proud of the show that my fellow seniors and I put together for senior seminar class. The off campus show was a huge success! I think that all of our guests were very impressed with the Art that was in the show, and I have to say that I was a bit impressed myself. Most all of the work was very well made and professional in the way that it was presented. The feeling that I had knowing that all of those people were there to see our work was really great. It was a shame that not everyone put as much time and energy into the show. Im not sure if they just didn't think that it was a very big deal or if they just didn't care but I was a bit disappointed in a few people. I guess that is just the way it goes though, no matter what the situation.

I also got a few pieces into the Student Juried Art Show this year! Worth its Wait, Pearl, and Lemon Yellow all got chosen to be in the show, and Lemon Yellow actually won the ceramics award! Getting into the Juried Show is very motivating. Knowing that a professional Artist out there likes your work well enough to display it to the world is a cool thing, and it drives you to continue.

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