Monday, February 6, 2012

99 Bottles

So I have been thinking about what new art I want to create. I really loved the way that the beer bottles looked that I made a few semesters ago, and have been thinking about doing a piece about alcoholism for a little while now, so I have decided to make 99 bottles of beer and put it on the wall in my senior BFA show. I feel that this piece really goes well with my theme and I am very excited about how it will turn out. Of course the bottles will be white porcelain, not only because it goes with the way that I have been finishing my pieces, but also because you can really see the details on the bottles without any glaze. The labels are the most amazing part, they just look so real. I already had two different beer bottle molds and this week I made two more. I would like to make a total of seven different bottles, so my hubby better get to drinking i suppose. I also need to buy some c-clamps for my self because only having enough to do one mold at a time is not working for me. :)
Last semester I made a very large axe mold that I would like to make a cast of. Depending on how that goes, and how much time I have remaining, I want to cover the head of the axe with swarovski crystals and call the piece dressed to kill. This will also depend on money, because those little crystals are not cheap! But I do feel that this piece would set off my show.

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