Tuesday, February 21, 2012

99 bottles

I have been thinking about this piece a lot and it really relates to my life personally in several ways. My uncle Moe has had sclerosis of the liver from alcoholism for about 5 years and I have literally watched him turn into a skeleton from it. Now that I am older and drink myself I too have had times when I would drink quite a bit and wonder if I had a problem with alcohol. I guess if you are asking if you have a problem and are conscious about it then you probably don't, but it is still something to think about.

Now that I am pregnant and I go to a restaurant that I would normally have a few beers with my meal, I am thinking about the beer and sometimes craving it. I would never take a drink now that I know that I am pregnant, but it makes me think about women who really have an addiction to alcohol and how hard it must be. I also think about the time before I knew about the pregnancy that I have drank. I never drank out of control but it is still nerve racking not knowing if my baby is ok from it.

My art is all about how fragile our lives are and no life is more fragile than the little one in my stomach. For this piece I have been thinking that I would put the 99 beer bottles into the show, and everyday of the show I would change out a few of those bottles with a few baby bottles. By the end of the show there will only be 99 baby bottles up on the wall.

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