Monday, October 17, 2011

Finishing Touches

Yay!!! The bats are finally finished! I sprayed them with the clear matte spray paint, then splattered them with a gold model car paint. I was a little bummed that I wasn't going to be able to use gold luster on them because I thought that other paints would look cheap. I'm no blood splatter expert, but I think that they came out really good. I ordered some bat racks so that they can hang on the wall like trophies...Much like a murderer might keep to remember his kill. I was hoping that the racks would come in for my BFA critique, but they haven't showed up yet. They will definitely be hung for my space lab show on Thursday. And I am planning to display them at the gallery on Pearl.

This is the skull that I am going to use for my "Confetti Death" piece. I have hinged his jaw open dramatically wide to emphasize the severity and urgency of the confetti spewing out onto the floor. This piece will be displayed at the gallery show on Pearl.

Here are some of the pill bottles that I have started painting for my "Passed Away Peacefully in His Sleep" piece. The plan is to spray paint enough of these bottles to be able to make a pattern on a bed, much like a quilt. I have enough bottles to do this but it is going to take me a lot of time and spray paint to finish this one. I plan to have this piece finished for the show on Pearl.

These are the skulls that I have made for the "Worth its Wait" piece. The bottom skulls are mostly finished except for adding a few gold teeth to one of them. The top skull still needs to have gold luster applied. It should be finished for my BFA critique, if all goes well. This piece will also be in my Space Lab show on Thursday as well as the Seminar show on Pearl. I am very happy with this piece, the skulls came out very nice, and I think that the gold luster on the entire top skull will just send it over the top.

At the BFA Critique and the Space Lab show on thursday, I also plan to show a set of the brass knuckles that I made, which will be called "Precious Metal II," a smaller skull with a pearl luster on it, which I'm calling "Pearl," and a raku fired skull called "El Muerto del Dia." El Muerto del Dia is a play on the mexican holiday Day of the Dead. The title translates as The Dead of the Day.

I am nervous, as usual, about my BFA critique tomorrow, but I do feel very confident about the new work that I have produced over the last few months.

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