Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Space Lab Show

This past week I had my BFA critique as well as a space lab show. I thought that my BFA critique went fairly well. There were a lot of good ideas and thoughts about my work. Some of them were inspiring and other ideas were not exactly what I am going for with my work. I feel that the sound comment from Michael was a cool idea as well as dropping a skull and documenting it. I felt a bit of hostility in both of the critiques that happened on Tuesday, but I think that Miranda and myself composed ourselves very well. The fact that professors came up to us after our crits and gave us praise and words of encouragement was nice and also made me feel that we were the bigger people and are doing a great job. BFA crits always have a tendency of slowing down my momentum and making me think about everything that I am doing.
I was very pleased with the way that the show came out considering everything that was in the show was made this semester.

Three Strikes

Worth its Wait

Precious Metal II

El Muerto del Dia

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