Monday, September 12, 2011


At the beginning of the week I Rakued a few things that I had left over from the summer session. I am pretty pleased with the way that they came out, although they are not quite what I was going for.
I finally got a mold of brass knuckles to work, after at least four attempts. I am planning to use them in an installation with different weapons that would be used on people. I also might make them the handles for a few mugs. Then I can give everyone a nice "Mugging" for Christmas. :)
For the Rakued skeletons I was thinking that I would take them to a location and dig little graves for them, bury them, and leave them to be found. Photo documentation would be the art. But I do think that by doing this not only I will feel some emotions but the persons that find them will as well.
As for the bats I am going to make three of them for a piece. I plan for them to be white and have different "Blood Splatters" in gold luster on them. I like for my pieces to be white because it gives them a ghostly feeling. I want to use gold luster for the blood because it is worth as much as gold. It is precious, pure, and worth a lot.

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