Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Insight

It took me so long to realize why I was making the things I have made in the past. I felt so pressured to come up with this great reason and concept to tell everyone at the critiques that I overlooked the true reasons and concepts. It is also possible that I did not want to seem psycho. None the less I want to make art about what I find interesting and fascinating. I am a curious person and death is a very mysterious thing that I am reminded of all too often.
A few times a week I clean at a funeral home, so I see dead bodies all the time, which isn't really a problem for me until there is a person lying in a casket way before their time. I am always plagued with the questions, Why are they here? and What happened? It is always nice to think that the situation was just out of our/their hands, but what if it's not?
Forensics and figuring out murder mysteries has always interested me, which is another reason I find myself fascinated by this topic.

My work this year will consist of a body of work that shows the different ways that we (as humans) destroy ourselves.
Although the content of each piece will be different, ie: murder, suicide, drugs, food..ect., the over all theme will be the same, and the way that they are approached, and the finish will be similarly executed.

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