Monday, September 26, 2011

Doin Work

So this past week has been very successful. I finally got the bat mold dry enough to crank out a few bat casts and they are looking very nice. The detail and the grain came out in the mold, which makes them look more like a real bat. I have one more bat to make for my three strikes piece, but I think that I will make a few more just to be on the safe side. You never know what could happen in ceramics. I think that I am going to display these three bats on bat display hooks, Which are used to hang real bats sort of like trophies.

I also had luck with the skull mold that I made last week. I have made two skulls one with a closed jaw and one with an open jaw. I haven't decided if I want to just display the one gold skull, or do as I did before with the lemons that I made last spring and have a pile with the bottom skulls plain white and the top skull be the gold luster. I am still thinking about this, although I think that the pile will be more effective and visually interesting.

I am also going to do a piece this semester that involves the use of narcotic drugs. I had a friend that overdosed on oxycontin that had a pretty big affect on me. I have dated quite a few people with this problem so I know what a big deal it is and I have learned from my own experiences that it is nothing to mess with. One thing that really bothered me when he passed away was that the first line in his obituary said that "He passed away peacefully in his sleep." I thought that that was such a load of crap for them to cover up the real reason for his death, and to put it so nicely, when in reality he died from an overdose. So for this piece I am thinking that I am going to spray paint a few hundred pill bottles white, and attach them onto some sort of sheet or cover in a beautiful pattern, and display them on a bed. The title for this piece will be "Passed Away Peacefully in His Sleep."

While I am on the topic of drugs and overdose, I was thinking about the piece that I posted on Friday, "Confetti Death." I am really inspired by this piece and I feel that I can make this piece my own by tying it into the work I am doing while improving on the concept. Confetti is the term used for the balloons filled with black tar heroin, swallowed and carried or hidden by mules. I want to have an open mouth skull sitting on a pedestal with hundreds of these balloons coming from the mouth, going down the pedestal and spilling onto the floor.

I will post my progress pics tomorrow. I left my camera at home.

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