Monday, September 19, 2011

Bats and Bones

This week I have been working on making a mold of a skull. The skull itself is a three part mold and the jaw is another two part mold. It was a bit of a challenge figuring out how this mold was going to work and how many parts it actually needed to be. All in all I think that the mold turned out pretty well, for my first three part skull mold :0)

This is the jaw mold for the skull. I just finished it today.
I did the first pour of the skull mold today and I took it out of the mold a little prematurely. The cast needed to dry a bit longer and I got a bit impatient. Luckily it was the first pour and it really doesn't count anyway. Besides when they don't turn out it's not a total loss because you have learned what not to do. But what did come me out of the mold looked great to me.
So my idea for the skull is to make it gold using luster and the title will be "Worth it's Wait." I am trying to play off of the saying "worth it's weight in gold" But also trying to say that death is worth the wait.

This bat mold has taken a full week to dry out. I tried to pour the mold in the middle of the week but it did not work out because the mold was still too wet. I tried to pour another one today, and although I did not get a good cast of it I did learn a few things from the pour. I now know that I need to make these bats a bit thicker, and that they need to stay in the mold for a good while to dry. Tomorrow I will try it again, hopefully with more success.
I forgot to mention last week that the reason that I am making three bats is because the title of the piece is "Three Strikes" as in three strikes and you are out.

Thank You Come Again

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