Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Thoughts

Here lately I have been thinking about all of the things that have been said in critiques, in artist lectures, and about my art over the past years. In just about every artist lecture they talk about the things that they are interested in, and how their work reflects these things, and how it has grown and evolved. I have been thinking about my work and trying to figure out what interests me and what my common thread is. I have made work about the war and how that affects the people that are involved (mainly the death of soldiers and innocent bystanders). I have made work about murder, for the verb project, one murder by knife at the hands of someone else, the other about abortion and execution by the hands of a mother. I have made work about guns, and only guns that are specifically made to use in self defense, guns made to shoot other human beings. I have made work about Jesus and religion, and although I made it light hearted and some what comical, the object that I chose was a cross that was used to aid people that were/are on their death beds. People try to wash away their sins, confess, pray and go to church so that when it is their time to go they can die at peace. I have made work about the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. And work about taking care of the environment before we single handedly destroy our selves. I realize now that my work is not about the topics themselves, but the results of them. All of these things are very political topics and what makes them political is the fact that they kill or are about death in some way. My common thread is about how fragile our lives are and how we do things that contribute to our demise.

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